Eugene Sounds

Eugene Sounds

Andras has written and recorded music, occasionally performing with bands, as Eugene Sounds for many years. He has only recently begun promoting and sharing this music proactively. This past summer, while combing through the archives of Eugene’s recorded content, he released The Loops on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc. And several other collections of songs available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Click here for The Loops on Spotify

Symbol Business is a collection of songs recorded around the same time as a previous release, Seasonal Appetites, while Eugene was experimenting with synthesizers and songwriting in, what in hindsight seems to be, his “lo-fi bedroom pop” phase. The songs were also inspired by the birth of his goddaughter and her sisters, so there is a somewhat child-like vibe to some of the tracks.

Got a New Best Friend are experimental cuts from The Loops recording sessions. These tracks feature guest vocalists, heavy guitar layering, samples, and some more aggressive sounds.

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