High July Cassette

I very much wanted to design and create an imaginative cassette case for the album High July that would incorporate the album imagery and be created using a 3d printer. After much trial and error, Matthew Santolini at long last came to the rescue and designed the following.

3d cassette 4

3d cassette case 2

3d cassette 3

It sits like a sculpture, statuesque. The cassette is housed within and released out the bottom when the tabs on the sides are pressed in. Really a fantastic interpretation and beautiful design! Thank you again, Matteo!

The physical case is soon to come!

High July and More

For a song off of High July, please visit:

There will be a cassette and digital version of High July released on July 15th.

And there will be a show on July 15th at Legion Bar in Brooklyn to celebrate the occasion with songs being performed off this album and the ones to come. Join if you can!

Have a nice day!


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