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New York-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and educator Andras Pokorny has been writing and recording music for much of his life. He is a self-taught guitarist and recordist.

Most recently, Andras has had the pleasure of teaching a week of classes as a visiting artist at Guttman Community College in New York City. He has done so for the past 3 years (as of Fall 2018) and will return in the Spring of 2019 once again teaching a course on the basics of multi-track recording.

To date, Andras has recorded and released 5 (both official and unofficial) albums of his own under the name Eugene Sounds (Spotify& Soundcloud)to positive reviews from outlets such as and  and In these efforts, Andras can be heard exploring the recording techniques he had been learning at the time, while responding to the musical and artistic influences that had entered his life.

Andras dove headfirst into live sound engineering in 2014, hoping to improve his ear while doing something he truly loves: listening to the bustling underground, feeling its swells and waves.¬†During this time, he lent his skills to local bands — friends and strangers alike — helping record demos, or mix or master tracks.

Prior to those experiences, Andras worked with directors and producers on various soundtracks ( and educational children’s music (Activity Works) from 2012 to 2015.

Andras had the pleasure of hosting a podcast in his Brooklyn apartment for an 8 episode season of a podcast entitled Dark Comedy Hour from 2010. The music is available on soundcloud here

Andras’ foray into recording techniques and technology began with an internship at the storied Bennett Studios, formerly in Englewood, NJ, where he learned, essentially, by osmosis — watching the Engineers use bussing, seeing the producers interact with the artists, listening to musicians listening to each other. He had perspective-changing conversations as a young, eager, and enthusiastic intern with Phil Ramone, Herbie Hancock, and others, while searching for tips and tricks to make his tom drum sound like a kick, to make his mixes balanced, to capture the right sound with his bad mics.